November 21, 1964New title officially given to Mary during the Second Vatican Council by Pope Paul VI (closing of third session)
March 4, 1966First new parish established in the City of Chicago by Archbishop Cody after becoming the new Ordinary of the Archdiocese of Chicago (shortly after returning home from close of Second Vatican Council
April 3, 1966First Mass celebrated in the assembly hall of John V. Leigh Public School in Norridge
April 17, 19661st Baptism, Mary Lee Kranker, Parents Rudy Kranker and Carlene Di Joseph, Father Peter Hayes
May 1, 1966Temporary church set up in shopping plaza on Cumberland and Lawrence
July 23, 19661st. Marriage, Dennis Michael Braun, Cynthia Marie Pappas, Father Peter Hayes
Fall 1966Parish construction begins
Sep 4, 1966Bridge Club established at OLMC
Oct 16, 1966CCD Program underway
Jan 23, 1967Holy Name Society established at OLMC
Feb 5, 1967Holy Name Society elected officers
Feb 20, 1967Women’s Sodality established later known as Women’s Club
April 2, 1967Women’s Club first officers elected
April 7, 19671st Anniversary Dance held at Chevy Chase Country Club
May 14, 19671st Communion, 63 children
May 21, 1967 to June 30, 1969Father John Shea, assigned as associate pastor by Archbishop Cody
June 25, 1967Changes in Liturgy  – Mass in English
July 28, 1967Father & Son Baseball Outing
August 13, 1967Hoy Name Society’s 1st Men’s Golf Outing at Mohawk Country Club
August 20, 1967St. Eugene and OLMC Bridge Club started.
September 3, 1967Daily Mass times changed from 7:30am & 8:00am to 7:00am and 7:30am
October 3, 1967First practice of the OLMC Choir
October 27, 19671st Teen Group event – Hayride Dance
Jan 21, 1968Last Sunday in temporary church
January 28, 19681st mass in new church. Original Mass times: Sundays at 7:30a, 9a, 10:30a, 12p
Feb 23, 1968First Card and Bunco Party after new church built
March 3, 1968Sunday Mass times change to: 6am, 8am, 9:30am, 11am, 12:15pm,5pm
July 17, 1968Holy Name Men’s Bowling at Corral Lanes
August 1968Women’s bowling league established at OLMC at Holiday Alleys
May 19, 1968CYO Softball Team started
May 26, 19681st Confirmation, 68 youth, 7 adults, Bishop. William McManus
July 1968Women’s Bowling League (Bowling Bells) established at OLMC; played at Corral Lanes
Nov 1968Teen Club establishment
November 24, 1968Parish Church and parish center Dedication
May 7, 1969Women’s Club Fashion Show evening event
Jul 1, 1969 –Sept. 1971Fr. Francis L. Johnson appointed as associate pastor
Sep 19, 1969Teen Bowling league started
November 21-23, 19691st Annual Fall Festival
January 3, 19705pm Saturday Evening Mass fulfilling Sunday obligation began
January 4, 1970New Sunday mass schedule: 6am, 7:30am, 9am, 10:30am, 12pm, 5pm
February 22, 19706am Sunday mass time eliminated
Aug 23, 1970 to 1975Sr. Patricia Orlinski served at OLMC as CCD Coordinator
Sept 1970 – Sept. 1972Sr. Mary Lunardi, SND started an Adult Education Program at OLMC
Mar 14-19, 1971Fr. Jerome Heyman, OSA conducted first Lenten mission at OLMC
April 17, 19715th Anniversary Celebration held in parish hall
1971Liturgy Team initiated
May 1971Senior Citizen Club established at OLMC
May 25, 1971Senior Citizen Club renamed Friendship Club
November 1971New Rectory Occupied (add address)
November 21, 1971Chicken Social Dinner, over 1200 meals served
January 30, 1972Holy Name Pancake Breakfast, $1.00/person
Jun 1972-Jun 1979Fr. William Lupo associate pastor
May 27, 19735pm Sunday mass eliminated
January 1974Offeratory procession now included the collection brought to the altar
June, 1974Holy Name Society Annual Baseball Outing
Sept. 1974Second floor addition to Hayes Center began
Sept 30, 1974Women’s Club – 1st “Dinner is Served”
October 1974ICF – Parish Benefit Dinner
June 8, 1975Ordination of Aldo Vendramin – first priest from OLMC ordained.  First Mass on June 15, 1975
Aug 1975Choir Practice with Rita Rooney
Aug 1975Fr. Chester Nowicki SVD  weekend assistant priest
Sept 28, 1975Family Liturgy Sunday begins – 4th Sunday
Apr 23, 197610th Anniversary Dance held at Allgauer’s Fireside Restaurant
November 1977St. Anselm’s became our Sharing Parish
May 1977Option of receiving Communion in the hand approved.
June 1977First Anointing of the Sick – 2:00 pm Mass
June 12, 1979Father Lupo transferred to St. Mary’s in Des Plaines
July 1, 1979 to Sep 1, 1980Fr. Russell Romano associate pastor
Mar 16, 1980Fr. Thomas C. Hanlon weekend assisting priest
Dec 7, 1980 till Nov 1984Fr. Medard Laz associate pastor
September 1980OLMC had 365 Religious Ed students enrolled
Pre Sep 1981Preschool Religious Ed was in existence
May 2, 198115th Anniversary Dance held in Parish Center
Sep 26, 1982Lighthouse CYO basketball looking for boys to participate
Oct 3, 1982Phoenix Group meeting held at OLMC – ministry to separated and divorced Catholics
July31, 1983 ?Fr Peter Hayes retired
August 1, 1983Fr Joseph F Ognibene appointed pastor by Joseph Cardinal Bernardin
Jan 1, 1984“Monthly Building Fund” envelope changed to “Parish Maintenance Fund”
Mar 12, 1984Fr. Joe held special Parish-At-Large meeting
Jul 15, 1984Fr. Laz celebrated “Mass for Shut-Ins” which was televised throughout the 50 states.  Lectors were Rosemary and Mike Jasinski.  Servers were Shawn Dreyer and Michael Habetler.
Jul 9-16, 1984Summer Bible School held for K-4th grades.  35 children participated
Aug 26, 1984Jim Nowdomski starting up Contemporary Music Group at OLMC
Aug 30, 1984Men’s Club formed bowling league at River Grove Bowling Alley
Aug 1984Italian classes offered at OLMC for children on Thursdays 3:30-5:00 sponsored by Italian Cultural Center
Oct 7 – 14, 1984Parish Census taken
Oct 7, 1984RENEW parish program of prayer and faith sharing begins
Dec 16, 1984Fr. Ted Stone appointed as pastoral associate
Jan 5, 19857:30 PM Saturday Evening Mass no longer offered at OLMC
1985“Carols By Candelight”
Apr 28, 1985First time in parish bread AND wine are shared  – at 9:30 & 11 AM Masses
June 1985Darlene Schorsch begins Ministry of Care Program
June 1985Fr. Daniel Fallon associate pastor
Dec 1984Adult Catechumenate Program (aka RCIA) begins with Ted Stone as coordinator
1986-1987Church renovation
April 14, 1986All masses held in Parish Center until remodeling completed. Weddings and Funerals conducted at St. Beatrice Church in Schiller Park.
June 1986“Camp Sunshine” – 2 week RE Summer Bible Camp for K-4th Grades
June 1986Renovation completion date delayed due to structural damage and deterioration of existing church walls found during renovation.
January 1987Policy of “one mass-one intention” was abandoned and opened to as many intentions as requested.
January 1987Ministry of Welcome formed
January 1987New organization for singles 18 – 35 y/o: “OLMC Young Adults” formed
Feb 1987Jersy Kenar – carver & sculptor selected to create altar and a number of furnishings of the renovated parish church
Feb 8, 1987Boy Scouts Troop 951 under the leadership of Steven Tomzik celebrated Scout Sunday
March 14/15, 1987New schedule for Masses – Sat 5, Sun 7:30, 9, 10:30, 12
May 10, 1987Establishment of Widowed Ministry
Mar 29, 1987Dedication of church renovation by Cardinal Joseph Bernardin
Mar 29, 1987Windows representing Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation donated by Jasinski & Mack families
Mar 29, 1987Memorial Plaques
October 1987“Hands of Jesus” Helping Hands Ministry established.
1988Child care offered during 10:30 am masses for children 5 and under.
February 27-28, 1988Widows and Widowers Group –Weekend Retreat.  Fran Kelly – Joyful Again Coordinator
June 20-July 1, 1988Camp Sunshine Bible Camp
July 23, 1988OLMC Activity Club-Bus Trip to Fiesta Italiana – Milwaukee
August 6, 1988OLMC Hosted Apostolate of the Handicapped
October 22, 1988Activity Club 50’s Dance
October 16, 1988Blood Pressure Screening Service began – 3rd Sunday of the month after 9 & 10:30 Masses
December 1988Giving Tree for St. Anselm’s Parish
October 1,1989Altar serving open to boys and girls
May 1990Commissions for the Parish Pastoral Council formed; 40 parishioners underwent 3 month training to be ministers of planning for the Council.
June 1990Fr. Dan leaves OLMC to become Associate Pastor of St. Isaac Joques in Niles.
June 1990Fr. Thomas Campana associate pastor
Sept. 1990Wednesday morning Women’s Bowling
October, 1990Pastoral Council is established
January 20, 1991Ted Stone reinstated as associate priest.
March 1991Anniversary Year’s Events
May 26, 1991Celebration Mass – 25th Anniversary – Reception Following and Parish Center renamed Hayes Center.  Fr. Hayes guest of honor and Cardinal Bernardin at mass
June 10, 1991Marian Healing Mass – 7PM – Fr. Dennis Kelleher
July 21, 19911st Parish Picnic on Parish grounds
September 14, 1991First meeting of St. Vincent DePaul Society; officers elected.
September 29, 1991Ice Cream Social – 25th Anniversary Celebration  1-3pm in Hayes Center
1991Cardinal’s/Catholic Appeal started
October 19, 1991Octoberfest – Proceeds for Fr. Melvin James’ Parish in San Lorenzo, M
January 10, 199225th Anniversary Dinner Dance at Victoria Banquets
June 1992Cardinal Bernardin holds first-ever assembly of all diocesan priests at Pheasant Run. (assemblies continue today)
June 1992Church canopy, steeple, and cross construction started. Cost: $ 70,000
June 1992Fr. Ted Stone leaves OLMC
Sep 13, 1992 -1996Deacon Carmen Cesario serves as first permanent deacon at OLMC
Oct 25, 1992Canopy dedication
January 13, 1993Establishment of St. Anselm Sharing Ministry
March 21, 1993First Parish Nurse, Mary Harkin, was commissioned
July 1994CANSURV Cancer Support Group formed by Jeanne Karabin and Mary Harkins
Aug. 1994CONNECT Youth Group started; Birdie Mulizio – facilitator
October 1994OLMC Altar Servers Ministry (Nica Ferrin, Sarah Kaulfers, Dominick Smith, Andja Vukmarkaj)
April 9, 1995First OLMC Easter Egg Hunt
Oct 1995-Oct 1999Fr. Al Pooler, Passionist, joins OLMC
April 27, 1996Mandating of first Lay Presiders.  Seven lay persons are mandated Lay Ministers to assist with Communion Services, Stations of the Cross, and other Prayer Services
May 1, 1996Fr. Ognibene retired/Fr. Fallon appointed Pastor
May 26,1996Fr. Daniel Fallon installed as pastor
September 1996Deacon Chris Virruso to OLMC
September 1996Laura Parker begins role as Parish Nurse
September 8, 1996Barbara Hecker becomes Liturgy Director/Jerry Mann resigns
October 1, 1996Debbye Duda leaves OLMC after 11 years
Oct 6, 1996-Aug 12, 1997Richard Hass began as Music Director
November 1996Bereavement Ministry started
February, 2, 1997First International Taste of OLMC
March 4, 1997OLMC Spring Luncheon and Fashion Show-Women’s Club-PR Country Club
July 7, 1997Church Re-carpeted and Painted-Masses held in Hayes Center – 4 weeks
July 17, 1997First Meeting – Boy Scout Troup 922
Aug 12, 1997Richard Hass-Dir of Music resigns
Oct 5, 1997Harry Campagna becomes Music Director
December 1997Parish Recipe Book available after mass
December 20, 1997Christmas Event- In Bethlehem Inn
April 1998Fr. Hayes’ 60th Anniversary of priesthood
July 1, 1999 -2003Deacon Andy Pecson appointed to OLMC
July 1, 1999Pearl Scheck leaves as sacramental coordinator
July 1, 1999Anita Rizzo retires; Roseann Catalano starts as new Parish secretary.
July 11, 1999Men’s Club first meeting
1999Rectory roof replaced
Oct 1999Fr. Al Pooler leaves OLMC
Oct. 1999Lease agreement between OLMC & Gabriel Richard Institute, rented classrooms for Christian Leadership Program.
Jan 2000-Jun 30, 2006Fr. Fran Landry assigned to OLMC
February 2000Singles group formed by Kathleen Koszola
June 14-21, 2000Our Lady of the New Millennium on site
September 2000New sign installed along Lawrence Ave
September 3, 2000New Sign on Lawrence dedicated
2001Remodeling of sanctuary
2001Annual Cash Raffle
May 6, 2001Fr. Dan Fallon and Fr. Fran Landry celebrate 25 years of priesthood.
September 28, 200135th anniversary celebration
September 30, 2001Statue of St. Joseph donated by Louis & Ann Caruso
2002Family Forum
June 2, 2002Colleen Ortega begins as Music Director
July 20, 2002First Annual Flea Market
September 2002 Girl Scout troop established at OLMC
January 2003 – January 2006Millennium Campaign
February 12, 2003Fr. Hayes’ 90th Birthday
July 2003Laura Parker leaves for Sisters of Providence convent
August 2003Joan McConville is new parish nurse
August 4, 2003Fr. Peter Hayes dies
October 2003Venture Crew – young adult division of the Boy Scouts of America- started.
October 4, 2003First Movie Night “Bringing Up Baby”
November 13, 2003First “Ladies Night Out”
January 19, 2004Memorial Mass for Fr. Joe Ognibene  (Died 12/19/03-Mass at OLMC 12/23/03)
February 13, 2004Chocolate Fest
February 14, 2004St. Valentines Day Family Forum event – Bowling at Brunswick Zone; sponsored by RE Forum
February 29, 2004Family Forum Lenten Event
March 1, 2004Deacon Jim Dahn joins OLMC
April 25, 2004Unveiling of interior renovation
May 1, 2004Wine tasting with Fr. Dan
May 22, 2004Big Band Bash
June 5, 2004Women’s Club trip to the National Shrine of the Little Flower St. Therese of Lisieux in Darien, IL
June 27, 2004Fr. Joe Ognibene Garden dedication by Bishop Jakubowski at 11am mass; Morgan’s Landscaping is contractor.
June 28, 2004Church remodeling begins; Masses held in Hayes Center
2004OLMC website created:
October 24, 2004Back in church after renovation
November 20, 2004Family Forum Thanksgiving  Events
November 28, 2004Mass of Blessing for our newly renovated church with Cardinal Francis George as presider.
November 30, 2004Tuesday night BINGO w/food, pull tabs, refreshments
August, 2005Return of chalice and paten and other relics from Fr. Hayes’ collection.
August 2005OLMC Paver Program
November 2005Parish Christmas ornament sale
April 28, 2006“Put the Nuns in Charge” production
May 1, 2006Deacon Chris Virruso leaves OLMC
May 28, 2006Deacon Sonny Annoreno ordained – first from OLMC
June 30, 2006Fr. Fran Landry leaves OLMC; reassigned to Scranton, PA
August, 2006Fr. O’Brien & Msgr Lang join OLMC
October 1, 2006Prayer Shawl Ministry founded
January 17, 2007Bishop Thomas Paprocki Pastorial Visitation to OLMC
March 11-13, 2007Lenten Mission – Reflections from the Foot of the Cross by Friar Johnpaul Cafiero OFM
March 24, 2007Women’s Morning of Reflection – Crumbs for the Journey-Sr. Jane Schlosser
May 27, 2007Deacon Ted Marszalek ordained
May 18, 2007Murder Mystery Dinner – Hayes Center – Dinner and Entertainment
July 2007Renovation of Father Joe Memorial Garden on OakviewFunded by Edward and Donna Szpialski in memory of daughter Kate
2007 – 2013Vacation Bible School one-week sessions held at OLMC
Aug  6-10, 2007Avalanche Ranch – Vacation Bible School
Sep 9, 2007Patronal Feast – Mass 11:00AM  Food Service 12:30-2:30
October 13, 2007Boo-Ingo   6-8:30PM – Sponsored by RE Family Forum
October 19, 2007Fall Fund Raiser – Taste of OLMC  6:30-8:00PM
November 17, 2007Men’s Club Annual Music Bash – Hayes CenterFeaturing Ampol Aires, Buffet Dinner and Cash Bar
November 28, 2007New Pastor Meeting w/Bishop Thomas Paprocki – 7:00PM
February 2, 2008Family Forum Event: Mini Golf at Putting Edge
May 22, 2008Honorary Dinner for Fr. Fallon – Victoria Rosemont in the Holiday Inn Express
May 29, 2008“Laughter is the Best Medicine” – Jeanne Karabin speaks on the healing effects of laughter to body mind and spirit and shares ways to bring more humor into life.
June 2008Father Dan gave parish a farwell gift –Brushed bronze Chi Rho on front of the tabernacle pedestal
June 25, 20083:00PM Concert   Dichtiebe: A Poets Love Song Cycle by Robert Schumann – Performed by Colleen and William Ortega.
June 28 -29, 2008Fr. Dan Fallon leaves OLMC – Says all masses – 11:00 AM official farewell mass with refreshments in Hayes Center following
August 4-8, 2008Power Lab vs Power Lab Summer Bible Camp
July 1, 2008Fr. Rich Klajbor appointed pastor
July 13, 2008Barbara Hecker left OLMC as Liturgy/Arts & Environment Coordinator
July 19, 2008Carwash 9-3 Troop 922
July 26, 2008Dinner and DVD Viewing –Paul:Contending for the Faith-Celebration Pauline Jubilee Year
August 2008Rev. Richard J. LoBianco accepted I year associate position
September 7, 2008Patronal Feast  – 11AM Mass with Food Service following 12:30-2:30
September 14, 2008Installation of Rev. Richard J. Klajbor – Most Rev. Thomas J. Paprocki DD presiding
October 2008Halloween Boo-ingo
October 4, 2008Oktoberfest & Sing A Long Movie Nite – My Fair Lady
November 2, 2008Support our Troops Drive sponsored by Youth Group
November 9, 2008Friendship Club held a Halloween Party
November 22, 2008Fall Fundraiser – Dinner and entertainment by Jimmy Niteclub
Dec 12 and 13, 2008The Christmas Solo – A Children’s Musical by Kevin Keil
December 14, 2008OLMC Cookie Walk
February 2009Fr. LoBianco assigned administrator of Divine Savior
June 26-28, 2009Summer Fest “Mother of all Block Parties”
July 2009Christmas in July
September 13, 200944th Anniversary of OLMC
January 2010Amahl and the Night Visitors
2010Catholics Come Home Program
May 3, 2010Fr. O’Brien celebrates 50th Anniversary of Ordination
June 4-5, 2010Archdiocesan Feast of the Body and Blood of Jesus (Corpus Christi)
June 24 – 27, 20102nd Annual Musicfest and Carnival
July 25, 2010Dedication Ceremony for Veterans and Soldiers Memorial prepared by Eagle Scout Dominic Serritella
August 8, 2010Oratory and Vestibule renovation completed.
March 6, 201145th anniversary celebration
Jan 1, 2012-May 31, 2012Fr. O’Brien appointed administrator
Jan. 5-8, 2012Amahl and the Night Visitors
Jan. 28, 2012Dine with Us sponsored by Women’s Club   Entertainment by tenor-Robert Cunningham
February 25, 2012Womens’ Morning of Reflection  – The Breath of God Who is Wisdom?  How Do We Know Her?  Where Do We Engage Her?  How Do We Experience Her?
March 10, 2012M & M X 2 Family Night Mass, Movie and Meal sponsored by RE Family Forum
March 12-14, 2012Parish Lenten Mission “God Calls Us”  Father Dominic Grassi
April 10, 2012Fr. Rich died
April 13, 2012Fr. Rich Funeral Mass 11:00am
April 14, 2012OLMC Post Confirmation Class AWalk-a-Thon to benefit Maryville Crisis Nursery
April 25, 201225th Ordination Anniversary of Deacon Jim Dahn 5:00PM Mass and cake and coffee following
May 13, 2012Fr. Mariusz Manka celebrating first Holy Mass at 11:00am
Jun 1, 2012Fr. Andrzej Bartosz appointed pastor
June 21-24, 20124rh Annual Carnival and Music Feast
July 22, 2012Music for a Sunday Afternoon   3:00PM featuring Kate Uyeno – Soprano and James Morris – Bass
July 23-27, 2012Sky Vacation Bible School
August 11, 2012A Night at the Opera 7PM  In Memory of Rev Klajbor Da Corneto Opera
Sept. 9, 2012New OLMC Youth Group Mass and Meeting
Sept 30, 2012Installation Mass for Fr. Bartosz – 11:00AM  Mass with reception in Hayes Center following
Oct. 14, 2012Fall Craft Festival – 8AM to 3PM – Hosted by Boy Scouts 922
Oct. 21, 2012Music for a Sunday Afternoon  featuring William Ortega –clarinets & tenor and Colleen Ortega – clarinet et al    3PM
Oct 26, 2012Boo-INGO 6:30PM
Feb. 9, 2013February Fabulous Family Fun, Food and Film Night Featuring “The Incredibles” Sponsored by Family Forum
Nov, 10, 2012Post Confirmation Class visit to The National Shrine of St. Maximilian Kolbe – Annual Retreat
Nov. 10, 2012Fall Fest – The Downtown Sound 6:30pm Dinner 7-10pm Dance   Tickets $25
Nov. 13, 2012Death of Father Miguel Alcantari – Lying in state 11-18 from 3-8 St. Mary of the Woods, Church Funeral Mass 11-19   10AM  Same location
Dec. 9, 2012Pancake Breakfast w/Santa  9-1  Sponsored by BS Troop 922
Dec 21, 2012Live Christmas – Italian Catholic Federation #439
Feb. 10, 2013Oratory Dedication to Father Klajbor
Feb. 24-26, 2013Lenten Mission – Fr. Donaldson, CSSR The Word of God, The Cross of Christ, The Light of the World
March 19, 2013St. Joseph Table and Mass Sponsored by ICF
March 24, 2013Parish Easter Egg Hunt
April 7, 2013Pancake Breakfast 9-1 Troop 922
APRIL 21, 2013All Nature Sings   Prayer service honoring all God’s Creation with text and music by Herbert Brokering and Aaron David Miller presented by young people of OLMC
May 4-12, 2013Baby Shower Marillac House Elizabeth Ministry
May 5, 2013Crowning of BVM 11:00am Mass
May 18, 2013OLMC Womens’ Club ACCW Women of the Yar – Jacqueline Froehlich
June 30, 2013Sacred and Spiritual Program 3PM, Leonard James Johnson – Tenor, Colleen Ortega – Piano
August 4, 2013Music for a Sunday Afternoon, Colleen Ortega, OrganWorks by Pachelbel Malotte, Alain, Hobby, Bourgeois, Boellmann
August 15-17, 2013Rummage Sale
Sept. 29, 2013Farwell/Retirement Mass – Deacon Jim Dahn – 11:00 PM Hospitality Following
October 19, 2013Boo-Ingo – Sponsored by RE Family Forum
October 20, 2013Fall Craft Fair – Sponsored by Boy Scout Troop 922
May 2014Ministry of Consolation  begins
Nov 21, 2015Opening Mass for OLMC 50th Anniversary
Jan 10, 2016Jonathon M. Toni hired as Music Director
Jan 17, 2016Dr. Glenn Bisquera, RE Director, is given additional appointment as Liturgical Director
Feb 6, 7, 23, 24, 2016World Finest Chocolate 50th Anniversary fundraiser held
Feb 15, 16, 17, 2016Fr. Brian Walker, O.P. Lenten Mission, “The Loving Mercy of God”
Feb 28, 2016Buona Beef 50th Anniversary fundraiser held
Apr 3, 2016</>Boy Scout Troop 922 pancake breakfast
April 10, 2016St Damien Presentation by Wayne Messmer – special 50th anniversary event
Apr 24, 2016OLMC Piano Series performance by Jonathan M. Toni
Apr 24, 2016Deacon Christ Virusso celebrates 30 years of Diaconate ordination
Apr 30, 2016Filipino/American Potluck Picnic
May 15, 2016Fr. Andrew celebrates 25th Anniversary of Ordination
Jun 4, 2016OLMC Flea Market sponsored by Boy Scout Troop 922
Jun 18, 2016Year of Mercy Pilgrimage to the Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary Help of Christians at Holy Hill
May 28, 2016Deacon Sonny Annoreno celebrates 10th Anniversary of Diaconate ordination
May 22, 2016Renew My Church process is launched
Jun 12, 2016Monsignor Charles Lang celebrates 51st Anniversary of his Priestly ordination
Jun 30, 2016Bakers Square 50th Anniversary fundraiser held
July 17, 2016Jubilee Paver Dedication
Sep 25, 2016Taste and Toast to OLMC International Fest Held
Oct 2 & 3, 2016The Great Escape 50th Anniversary fundraiser held
Dec 11, 201619th Annual Parish Pancake Breakfast sponsored by Boy Scout Troop 922
Jan 8, 2017Closing Mass for OLMC 50th Anniversary – banquet held at Fountain Blue
Jan 8, 201750th Anniversary Celebration held at Fountain Blue Banquets
Jan 14, 2018OLMC Respect Life group participated in “March for Life Chicago” at Federal Plaza
Feb 9, 2018Ministers Appreciation dinner held at OLMC
Feb 18, 19, 20, & 21, 2018Fr. Britto Berchmans, Mission Speaker- “Open your Hearts to the Lord” Collaborative Lenten Mission (St. Maria Goretti, Divine Savior, St. Beatrice, & OLMC)
Mar 3, 2018Pope Francis added the feast of Our Lady, Mother of the Church to the liturgical calendar.  The feast will be celebrated on the Monday after Pentecost.
Mar 19, 2018St. Joseph Mass and Table sponsored by Italian Catholic Federation Branch 439
Mar 23, 2018OLMC students confirmed by Bishop Kane in the liturgical celebration merged with and held at our neighboring parish, St. Eugene
Mar 25, 2018Easter Egg Hunt in Hayes Center
May 18, 2018Spring fundraiser – Friday Fiesta with entertainment by Cielito Lindo, a modern Mariachi band
Apr 5, 2018Death of Monsignor Charles Lang – Funeral Mass St. Cyprian Church, Sun, Apr 14, 2018 at 10 AM
Apr 8, 2018Boy Scout Troop 922 annual pancake breakfast
Apr 14, 2018Women’s Club Morning of Reflection – “Springtime: Putting some spring into our soul presented by Dr. Laura Dejmek O.P.
Jun 2, 2018Boy Scout Troop 922 sponsored Flea Market
May 16, 2018Spring Church Concert – an evening of song with local parishes (St. Gertrude, Divine Savior, OLMC, St. Maria Goretti, and St. Beatrice)
May 15, 2018Parish Nurse, Terri Kaisling, began a 6-week walking and sharing scripture/prayer program called “Walking with Jesus.”
May 21, 2018St. Vincent de Paul group sponsored a small reception following morning Mass to celebrate the Parish Patronal Feast of Our Lady Mother of the Church.
Jun 2, 2018Boy Scout Troop 922 sponsored OLMC Flea Market
Jun 2018OLMC held a Make-Up Collection to help get out of the red and into the black before the end of the parish’s fiscal year.
Jun 10, 2018Reverend James J. Obrien returns to assist with Sunday Masses at OLMC.
Aug 26, 2019Solemnity of Our Lady of Częstochowa OLMC held special Mass in Polish and Biesida Polska (Polish Gathering).
Aug 29, 2018Ministry Reflection & Training Day held with speaker Todd Williamson, Director Office of Divine Worship, Archdiocese of Chicago.
Sep 12, 2018The Music Ministry began the OLMC Worship Band
Sep 21, 2018Fall Fund Raiser in Hayes Center — Pizza Palooza with entertainment by Doctor Zylo and the Brainiacs.
Oct 6, 2018First-ever Worship Mass at 5 PM sponsored by OLMC Music Ministry
Oct 14, 20187th Annual Fall Craft Fair at OLMC sponsored by Boy Scout Troop 922
Oct 14, 2018Music Ministry Fall Concert Series begins (concerts held Oct 14, 28, Nov 11, Nov 25, Dec 2, Dec 9)
Oct 21, 2018Parish Appreciation Luncheon for all involved in ministries.
Oct 13, 14, 15, 2018Fr. Charles W. Dahm, O.P. Director of Domestic Violence Outreach for the Archdiocese of Chicago preached at Masses and held and awareness meeting.
Dec 9, 2018Boy Scout Troop 922 Pancake Breakfast
Dec 16, 2018Simbang Gabi Mass and Filipino dinner held.
Mar 2019First floor Hayes Center restrooms renovated with handicap accessible facilities completed as part of the “To Teach Who Christ Is” campaign
Mar 24, 2019“Catherine of Siena – A Woman for Our Times” performed by Dominican Sister Nancy Murray