The Religious Education Program of Our Lady, Mother of the Church is founded on the belief that the primary responsibility for the spiritual growth and development of our children rests with their parents. Our formal program of religious education is viewed as a compliment to the Christian faith formation and example children receive in the home. Our goal in continuing this education of our youth can be broken down into three important aspects of faith formation in Catechetical Ministry: Shaping Who We Are, Shaping What We Do, and Shaping Those Around Us.


Shaping Who We Are

As a member of the Catechetical Ministry of OLMC, we strive to be dedicated to the Church’s mission of lifelong faith formation. What we teach here is not meant to stay here. Our goal is to shape our own lives to demonstrate and show our students that what they learn from us can be continued long after classes have ended.

Shaping What We Do

The Catechetical Ministry strives to create a safe and comfortable environment for children where they may grow in their knowledge, understanding, respect, and appreciation for the Catholic faith. Our lessons and teachings will be programed in a way to help our students so that they begin to prepare not only for their lives they lead now, but for the lives they will lead in the future.

Shaping Those Around Us

We are called to foster the growth of knowledge and understanding of our Catholic faith in the hopeful generation of our youth. Through an atmosphere of patience, support, and collaboration, we strive to shape the youth we encounter into responsible and compassionate young people who follow and emulate the teachings of Christ.

We who minister in the Religious Education Program of Our Lady, Mother of the Church Parish hold sacred the trust parents place in us and pledge to serve the families of the parish sensitively and faithfully within the context of this mission statement.