Are You Searching
for your Inner Compass?

Understanding Spiritual Direction:

Spiritual Direction is an opportunity to explore and discern one’s life in relation to God’s will. It provides an avenue to find meaning in life amidst the turmoil, distress or even joys of life. It helps to discover a deep and lasting relationship with God. The focus of spiritual direction is to understand one’s experience of God. In spiritual direction, the directee is led to understand God’s movement in prayer and in the circumstances and events of one’s life.

God communicates in different ways that sometimes we are not able to understand because we are not equipped with the ability to reflect deeper into our experiences. Through spiritual direction, our experiences, doubts, fears and questions are affirmed. The process allows us to listen closely to ourselves and eventually discover a new realization and connection with God. In simple words, spiritual direction is a moment of grace by going deeper with God.

Spiritual Director:

A spiritual director is a companion on the journey in seeking light and understanding. The spiritual director guides the directee to a reflective experience through compassionate listening. The director guides the seeker to a path that may help to unravel roadblocks and find mature and productive way to develop a relationship with God.

Dynamics of spiritual direction:

  • Sharing one’s life, prayer and relationship with God
  • Honoring and understanding one’s experience of God
  • Noticing God’s action in the events of one’s life
  • Listening to the desires of one’s heart
  • Discovering within oneself the answers to the questions
  • Discerning a direction for one’s life that leads to a personal relationship with God.

If you desire to discover, understand, nurture and develop your experience of God in your life through spiritual direction, you are encouraged to set an appointment with us. You may call:

Dr. Glenn M. Bisquera
Director of Religious Education
Spiritual Director
Direct Line: 773.625.2273