The Sacramental Preparation Process

Sacraments are enriching gifts from God received by Catholic Christians at various stages in their faith journey. Each sacrament celebrates God’s love for His people as experienced in the compassion, care and goodness alive and at work in their faith community. Developing an understanding and an awareness of the many dimensions of these sacred gifts is a life-long process. This process, begun at Baptism, continues in the home, in church at regular week-end Mass and in the parish’s Religious Education Program.

The sacrament of Reconciliation is a celebration of joy, forgiveness And peace. Living Jesus’ Law of Love and following the Ten Commandments are emphasized in this basic introduction to Christian morality. Students in Level 2 begin to prepare for this sacrament in October and receive First Reconciliation (First Confession) in December. In addition, all students in Levels 3-8 have the opportunity to celebrate this sacrament during the Season of Lent each year.


Holy Eucharist
The sacrament of Holy Eucharist is a celebration of love and unity. Within the context of a special meal shared at Mass, people of faith remember Jesus, receive Him into their hearts in a Spirit of true thanksgiving under the forms of bread and wine, are nourished by His life and love, and become more fully initiated into the Body of Christ and the faith community of the parish. 

Students Level 2 begin to prepare for this sacrament in January and receive First Eucharist (First Communion) in April. All students who have received their First Eucharist often have the opportunity to celebrate this sacrament by participating in special Children’s liturgies scheduled throughout the year.


The sacrament of Confirmation seals and publicly ratifies a Christian’s baptismal commitment to follow Jesus. The celebration of this sacrament invites a young Catholic to a deeper understanding and a greater appreciation of the Holy Spirit and the special gifts that the Spirit confers. Reception of this sacrament completes a young Catholic’s initiation into his/her community of faith and encourages a life of Christian love and service. 

Students in Level 7 begin their preparation for this sacrament by participating in our Pre-Confirmation Program. A full year of Pre-Confirmation preparation in our parish is required prior to admittance into the Confirmation Class. Students in Level 8 begin the final stages of this process in September and receive the sacrament in May.

Due to the important nature of the Confirmation preparation process, the timely, thoughtful and careful completion of all make-up work due to a student’s absence is required. 


The Office of Religious Education honors our parents’ judgment concerning their child’s reediness to receive a sacrament. We uphold the parents’ right to delay the reception of any sacrament until such time as sufficient and understanding, readiness and desire to receive have been demonstrated. The pastor and the Office of Religious Education also reserve the right to delay the reception of any sacrament if certain faith formation criteria have not been met.