• Please be sure your meeting/event is properly scheduled in the parish rectory. Your reservation should include the date and time of your meeting/event (also include set-up and clean-up time where necessary), location in Hayes Center, length of the event, and a contact person with phone number.

• Secure a time with the rectory when the key will be picked up. Take into consideration the office hours. The key should be returned immediately after the event to the mailbox at the rectory.

• If there will be a need for special set up in the center which involves the maintenance staff, please communicate that request with maintenance and rectory office staff (be particularly aware that there are other responsibilities placed on maintenance staff which may conflict with your needs). All requests must be approved through the rectory. When possible, please have group members help you with this request.

• During set up of your events, please pay special attention to the moving of tables and chairs. Please carry the furniture rather than drag on the floor so as to not scratch the floor. After your event, please return the furniture to its proper place.

• All hospitality items (including plates, cups, napkins, coffee, etc.) should be provided by the organization.

• The kitchen refrigerator will be cleaned every Monday. Any leftover food will be disposed of without proper labels or instructions.

• Hayes Center should always be returned to the cleanliness to which it was found. All tables and counters must be wiped down and clean. Floors should be swept and free of debris. Kitchen sinks must be sanitized and clean. Never dispose of food or gravy down the sink. If you use the stove, please clean it. If you use any coffee pots, please make sure they are rinsed and clean for the next use.

• Remove all garbage to the outside containers. If there is not enough room in the outside containers, gather all the garbage cans to the stage area for easier disposal by the maintenance staff. Please limit usage of the amount of cans and be sure that food garbage is not disposed of in the aluminum recycling cans.

• Turn off all lights, including the rest rooms.

If all organizations follow these guidelines Hayes Center will continue to be a place where all can gather in our Parish and provide wonderful opportunities for our community. When in doubt, always remember to treat our Center like you would your own home, because it is! If many continue to do the necessary work, it will not be a great amount of work for the few.