“Faith makes us appreciate the architecture of human relationships because it grasps their ultimate foundation and definitive destiny in God, in his love, and thus sheds light on the art of building; as such it becomes a service to the common good. Faith is truly a good for everyone; it is a common good. Its light does not simply brighten the interior of the Church, nor does it serve solely to build an eternal city in the hereafter; it helps us build our societies in such a way that they can journey towards a future of hope. The Letter to the Hebrews offers an example in this regard when it names, among the men and women of faith, Samuel and David, whose faith enabled them to “administer justice” (Heb 11:33). This expression refers to their justice in governance, to that wisdom which brings peace to the people (cf. 1 Sam 12:3-5; 2 Sam 8:15). The hands of faith are raised up to heaven, even as they go about building in charity a city based on relationships in which the love of God is laid as a foundation.”

(Pope Francis, No. 4)

The Catechetical Ministry at Our Lady, Mother of the Church is dedicated to the nurture the development and growth of a person’s understanding of their own faith. We strive to create an inclusive atmosphere in which students of all ages can flourish and find a community with whom they are able to learn from and with as we all walk together on our journeys of faith.

Our Mission Statement

The Religious Education Program of Our Lady, Mother of the Church is founded on the belief that the primary responsibility for the spiritual growth and development of our children rests with their parents. Our formal program of religious education is viewed as a compliment to the Christian faith formation and example children receive in the home. Our goal in continuing this education of our youth can be broken down into three important aspects of faith formation in Catechetical Ministry: Shaping Who We Are, Shaping What We Do, and Shaping Those Around Us.

Shaping Who We Are

As a member of the Catechetical Ministry of OLMC, we strive to be dedicated to the Church’s mission of lifelong faith formation. What we teach here is not meant to stay here. Our goal is to shape our own lives to demonstrate and show our students that what they learn from us can be continued long after classes have ended.

Shaping What We Do

The Catechetical Ministry strives to create a safe and comfortable environment for children where they may grow in their knowledge, understanding, respect, and appreciation for the Catholic faith. Our lessons and teachings will be programed in a way to help our students so that they begin to prepare not only for their lives they lead now, but for the lives they will lead in the future.

Shaping Those Around Us

We who minister in the Religious Education Program of Our Lady, Mother of the Church Parish hold sacred the trust parents place in us and pledge to serve the families of the parish sensitively and faithfully within the context of this mission statement.

About Our Classes


Our parish has employs the use of Sadlier’s We Believe for levels K – 4 and Our Sunday Visitor’s Alive in Christ for levels 5 – 7. Our decision for the use of these curriculums was based on accessibility for the ages using the curriculum, cohesive structure within the grade and between the grades, the outlines and guides built into the catechists’ workbooks, and the accessibility of online and web-based resources.

Sadlier’s We Believe “empower[s] your students to uphold their faith and go out into the world as Catholics—proud of who they are. The Catholic Identity Edition will:
– Build Catholic Identity around core Catholic beliefs, practices, and principles so all students, including needs of diverse learners, can truly embody their faith
– Include flexible models of implementation that serve the changing needs of schools, parishes, and busy families.
– Involve families with tools to enrich their identity as a Catholic family in today’s world
– Provide digital options with resources and subscription web-based Online Assessments on Sadlier Connect.”

OSV’s Alive in Christ outlines these guidelines on their website regarding their curriculum.
– “Overview: [The] Parish Edition invites children to hear God’s invitation to a personal relationship through his Word, helps them discover and learn the Church’s teaching in precise theological language, and teaches them how to live as Catholic disciples.
– Mirrors the Divine Pedagogy: The unique catechetical process in Alive in Christ intentionally mirrors the Divine Pedagogy—forming Catholic identity and leading children and families to understand and live a life of discipleship.
– Reaches Parents and Families: Involves parents through a variety of resources that help the entire family grow in faith and equip them with the skills necessary to communicate the truths of the faith to their children.
– Supports Catechists and Volunteers: Provides easy-to-use lesson planning, teaching, and training tools to help catechists, teachers, and volunteers improve their knowledge and catechetical skills and grow in their own relationship with Christ and his Church.
– Features a Unique and Effective Scripture Reflections Process: Students listen for God’s voice speaking personally to them through Sacred Scripture and are invited to respond through reflection and prayer.

Sacramental Preparation

Preparation for both the Sacrament of Holy Communion and the Sacrament of Confirmation are two-year programs. These programs can be found in more detail in the handbooks associated with each of these Sacraments. If you are interested in learning more about the Sacramental process for either Sacrament, please contact our Director of Religious Education, and the handbook for that Sacrament will be made available to you.

For First Communion students: all students enrolling in the Level 2 First Communion class must have at least one year of religious education class prior to the Sacramental preparation year (not including the current enrolled year).

For Confirmation students: all students enrolling in the Level 7 Sacramental Preparation class at Our Lady, Mother of the Church must have at least two years of religious education classes prior to the Sacramental preparation year (not including the current enrolled year). To enter the Level 8 class, all students must have finished the Level 7 Preparation class.

Contact Us!

Questions about our program? Please feel free to send us a message and we will be happy to supply you with more information. You can contact our DRE directly at olmc.musicministry@outlook.com or give us a call at (773) 625 – 2273. Have a blessed day!