News from the 50th Anniversary Jubilee Committee

Tickets are on sale now for the special event – DAMIEN.  This one-may play is a story about St. Damien, a remarkable man and true hero. You won’t want to miss this performance.  Tickets are available at the rectory, after Masses, and on line at  A program with business ads is being compiled.  Folks are encouraged to submit “well-wisher” ads as well.  See the bulletin for details.

Souvenir items are still available – cookbooks, mugs, and decals. They can be purchased at the rectory and at other events.  Be sure to get yours as a 50th anniversary remembrance.

Pavers for the special anniversary walk are still available, too.  A notice extending the date is coming out with Father Andrew’s spring letter.

The company that took pictures for the Family Photo Album has gone out of business but they did provide us a diskette with pictures taken.  We are working on getting photo albums made through another source with the pictures which were provided by the company.

We have received favorable comments from folks viewing the timeline in the narthex.  The newest version is now on display.  “Did you know” items are continuing to be published in the bulletin.

The Jubilee Rummage Sale is coming in early August.  Save your items for donation to the rummage sale!

Initial plans are taking place for the Taste and Toast to OLMC (aka International Fest) on September 25th. Save the date!

Sunday, November 20, 2016 is our anniversary closing Mass at 11 AM followed by an off-site dinner at the Fountain Blue.  Keep this date free so that you can attend!