Online Religious Education Registration

Step 1, My Own Church:
Before beginning online registration, you must have an account set up for My Own Church! All you need to do is visit, hit the ‘New User?’, and create an account. Then, someone in the church office will approve your account, and you’ll be able to update all of your family information, including names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses. You’ll be able to view the Our Lady, Mother of the Church pictorial directory. You’ll be able upload your favorite family photo and chose whether you want that photo (or other information) to be visible to other members who’ve logged in — or you can keep some information private and available only to church administrators.

Step 2, My Education:
After setting up your My Own Church account, you will see a tab on the top toolbar that says ‘My Education.’ Click this button and you will be redirected to a page where you can find ‘Online Registration.” You will only be able to move forward if you have family email address inputted for your My Own Church Account.

Step 3, Register Your Students:
After being redirected to the registration form, please select the term ‘2019-2020.” From there, a new window will pop up and you will be able to select the first student for enrollment. When selecting the class, please select the ‘Section A’ group unless it has been filled. Also, please be sure to input any information about health (including allergies) or special needs. After you have filled in the information for this window, click ‘Save Student.’ The window will close and your student will be listed on the registration page. Please double check that all information for your student (Date of Birth, Grade, and Age) are correct.

Step 4, Submit Registration:
After you have finished inputting the information for all students attending the 2019-2020 year, click ‘Submit Registration.’ The form will be sent to the RE office for approval. PLEASE NOTE: your registration will not be approved unless 50% of the tuition is paid.

Step 5, Payment (Online Option):
The Religious Education Office and Rectory are both accepting cash and check payments for tuition. You can also pay online by visiting Simply hoover your mouse over the ‘Religious Education’ tab at the top of the page. A dropdown menu will appear. Click on ‘RelEd Payments.’ You will be redirected to our payment page ( From there, follow the posted instructions. You must pay at least 50% of your tuition to be accepted into the program. You will receive a confirmation email after we have received your payment.

Questions? Email Miss Josephine at or call 773-625-2273.