The Religious Education Program of Our Lady, Mother of the Church Parish is founded on the belief that the primary responsibility for the spiritual growth and development of our children rests with their parents. Our formal program of religious education is viewed therefore as a compliment to the Christian faith formation and example children receive at home. Regular week-end Mass attendance is an important parental responsibility, a prime component of parish life and an expectation of every family whose children are enrolled in our program of religious education.

Assuming parental involvement, guidance, cooperation, and support in this area, and in all other related to family faith formation, our program aims to provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere in which children may grow in knowledge, understanding, respect, and appreciation of their Catholic faith and its rich tradition. Within this context, children are nurtured in their awareness and understanding of the celebration of the sacraments and participate in sacramental preparation programs at specific times during faith formation process.

We, who minister in the Religious Education Program of Our Lady, Mother of the Church Parish, hold sacred the trust parents place in us and pledge to serve the families of the parish sensitivity and faithfully within the context of this mission statement.